What are Outdoor Rugs?

Outdoor rugs are one of the affordable and most durable rugs. Apart from durability, outdoor rugs also have few more benefits, they are weatherproof, stain resistance, UV resistance, washable, reversible, lightweight and recyclable. These features are the main reason why there is huge demand for this product in global market.

An Ethereal Range of Outdoor Rugs for Balconies and Patios

MKB Enterprise is one of the leading outdoor rug manufacturers in India offering a plethora of options to choose from. Brighten up the outdoor spaces like balconies and patios with the most vibrant and colourful rugs. Every piece of an outdoor plastic rug is designed by paying special attention to its durability, design, colour and texture. You can rest assured of getting unmatchable quality every time as these rugs are produced in the state of the art manufacturing unit.

The rugs at MKB Enterprise are manufactured under the expert eyes of experienced professionals. The innovative techniques we use in our manufacturing plants allow us to create marvelous pieces of art that are sure to add a touch of style and vibrance to your home.

Backed by a team of artists, we have been able to bring a range of innovative, nature-inspired and creative plastic outdoor mats. Only the best quality plastic goes into the making of our rugs making them chic as well as compatible with the prevailing market trends. Various luxurious hotels, restaurants and motels spruce up their outdoors with the captivating range of intricately designed mats by MKB Enterprise.

Plastic Rugs that have a soft and smooth feel

When we hear plastic rugs, we might think of rough, pointy mats with sharp edges. We are breaking all stereotypes and myths by providing a wide range of smooth to touch and soft-textured rugs. Polypropylene outdoor rugs are known for their soft and silky texture. These mats have a premium feel to them that have amazing feel. Outdoors spaces like patio or balcony styled with these magnificent plastic rugs in supreme quality are sure to catch anyone’s eyes. They make the perfect outdoor accessories while indulging in the inexplicable experience of enjoying the evening in elegant and posh outdoors. Plastic rugs are always much easier to manage and maintain as compared to other rugs. Qualities like high tearing strength, lightweight and washability factor have made plastic outdoor mats a popular choice. Available in a variety of designs, prints, sizes, colours, we provide high-quality recycled plastic rugs at affordable prices. There are also a ton of design and colour options to choose from. You can indulge in a shopping experience and find rugs that blend in with your furniture and are perfect for your outdoor space.

Qualities That Set Us Apart from Others

We are the world leaders in manufacturing and exporting polypropylene outdoor rugs. For more than 35 years, we have been the industry leaders gaining the experience and learning innovative techniques that give us an edge over the competitors. Our state of the art techniques allow us to create each piece with a unique design in compliance with international standards. We understand that one style does not work for everyone. This is precisely why at MKB Enterprise you will find rugs with unique designs and different dimensions to meet all your requirements. Our outdoor plastic rugs are completely customizable in different designs, sizes, and in different colours.

We have a world-class infrastructure set up along with the latest jacquard loom that enables us to produce bulk amounts of indoor-outdoor rugs with precision in no time. Since the mats are manufactured by latest machines, there is no scope for human error but we ensure that every single product undergoes extensive quality checking to make sure you get only the best quality products. The incredible patterns you see in the pictures are made with high-quality raw materials to give you a smooth and soft touch.

Since our inception, we have been dedicated towards changing the notion of quality and luxury of people all over the world. The unparalleled quality of mats designed with unique and creative designs and vibrant colours are the pillars that our brand is built on. Take the decor of your outdoor spaces up a notch with the mesmersing range of polypropylene outdoor rugs designed exclusively by MKB Enterprise.

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